Q2 LeatherShield is a cutting-edge, SiO2-based product designed specifically for all forms of current car leather upholstery. It offers excellent protection against dirt, UV radiation, and the rigors of regular use. Q2 LeatherShield is incredibly easy to apply, requiring only one layer.  It is intended for and has been tested on all current varieties of leather, giving excellent protection with no alteration in feel or color and leaving a completely matte surface.

Q2 LeatherShield does not stiffen or make the leather more slippery, preserving the typical comfort of usage. Use only on aniline or semi-aniline leather upholstery with an open structure.

Gyeon Q² Leather shield ceramic leather coating features include:

• Advanced ceramic coating for automotive leather

• Repels dirt

• Prevents discoloration

• Protects against liquids and UV rays