GYEON ‘s Q2 Mohs+ is a one-of-a-kind two-stage coating technology that delivers excellent scratch resistance as well as self-cleaning capabilities. The improved pure silazane Q2 Base coating is the most durable automobile coating ever designed. The topcoat avoids watermarks and stains while also extending the overall endurance of the new Q2 Base coating. The ultimate effect cannot be overstated: by applying safe maintenance measures, paint correction can be avoided for the duration of usage.

Details. GYEON ceramic coating Performance Package includes:
• 3 years Ceramic Coating
• Rims Coating
• Glass Coating
• 1 x Complimentary Maintenance

GYEON ceramic coating features:

• Protects from UV Damage/Oxidization

• Protects from Chemical Stains & Etching

• Ease of Cleaning

• Enhanced Gloss