XPEL Stealth Satin PPF (Satin/Matte finish) provides the same protection as XPEL Ultimate PLUS while also giving a more aggressive look compared to the car’s original gloss finish.

Satin-like smoothness. Whether your car is matte, magno, frozen, or frosted, self-healing STEALTH TM will keep it appearing flawless. Alternatively, you may preserve your gloss paint while giving it a whole new style!

XPEL PPF features include:

• Sleek Satin Finish (Matte – XPEL Stealth Satin PPF)

With a unique satin finish, STEALTH helps match most factory flat paint jobs and virtually disappears on most surfaces. With a finish that’s uniformly smooth, you can add STEALTH to your matte or gloss paint job for a unique satin finish.

• Self-Healing: When exposed to heat, the enhanced clear coat properties eliminate fine scratches and swirl marks over time.

• Easy Maintenance: Flat finishes are notoriously difficult to maintain and even harder to repair. STEALTH enables you to easily wash and dry your car without damaging its sheen.

• Rock-Chip Protection: Utilize STEALTH to accentuate gloss aero or carbon fiber, and protect factory flares, splitters, and trim pieces.

• Superior Clarity: STEALTH features the same superior impact protection as ULTIMATE PLUS backed by our industry-leading 10-year warranty.

• Mirror Smooth Finish (Gloss – XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF): Protection should be indistinguishable from the factory paint.
• Stain & Discoloration Resistance: Road grime, bird droppings, bug guts, and air pollution will never leave the film stained or yellow, unlike lower quality alternatives.


• Front element, PUR R-RIM carbon spoiler high-gloss

• Carbon bonnet panel covers

• Carbon diffuser for rear bumper, high gloss finish

• Roof spoiler

Details: Full Car PPF

• Stealth Satin Paint Protection Film

• Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film


• Oracal Carbon wrap on the hood