Details By Signature:

Our Detailing Service is our Signature Service which is an amalgamation of careful washing, paint decontamination, paint correction, paint protection, glass treatments, wheel treatments, exterior and interior chrome and plastic treatments as well as other optional restoration or deep cleaning treatments.

A car is often let down by defects on the paint that have built up over a period of time, such as random deep scratches, bird/bug dropping marks, holograming, cobwebbing, swirl marks and other fine scratches. These defects are commonly incurred by incorrect hand washing, automated car washes or just lack of care as well as the natural aging process. Each package is designed to make your car look better than the day it rolled out the showroom.

In fact most of the showrooms in Mauritius come to us before their launch events to give their new car that extra touch before its official unveiling to the public.

1. Maintenance Detail

For regular customers who have already had protective treatments and want their car
brought back to Details. by Signature standards after a period of use.
the Maintenance Detail includes a luxury wash and dry, window cleaning,
tyre dressing and a light interior clean. Finished with GYEON® Wetcoat application

-Chemical Guys® ButterWet Wax protection

Estimated Duration: 9 Hrs
Estimated Cost: From Rs 3,000 +VAT

2. Classic Detail

A little taste of what professional car detailing can do for your car.
In addition to the maintenance detail the classic detail includes clay bar paint decontamination,
a purified air dry, Menzerna® and the famous Chemical Guys® ButterWet Wax.

GYEON® Q² ONE coating (Rs 4,000 +VAT)
Extreme Durability Protective Wheel Coating (Rs 3,000 +VAT)

Estimated Duration: 7-8 Hrs
Estimated Cost: From Rs 7,000 +VAT
Durability: 0.5-2 Years
Protection: Chemical guys wax/ GYEON® Wetcoat

3. New Car Detail

If you’ve recently bought a brand new car and want to keep it looking as good as new, the New Car Detail will not only protect it but bring it up to above showroom standard, with Details by Signature’s special paintwork, wheels, interior and window treatments.

Our High Standard for New Car Detailing has allowed us to forge strong relationships with all major car dealerships in Mauritius. Who continue to trust us and work together in improving our standards.

Estimated Duration: 10-15 Hrs
Estimated Cost: From Rs 12,000 +VAT
Durability: 1-3 Years
Protection: Chemical Guys Wax (included) or GYEON/Nanolex ceramic coatings (extra)

4. Premier Detail

For customers who want their car thoroughly detailed once or twice a year,
the Premier Detail is the ideal choice. It includes a full luxury car wash, paint decontamination,
Correction and Wax Protection, window and tyre treatment and interior detailing.

Estimated Duration: 15-20 Hrs
Estimated Cost: From Rs 16,000 +VAT
Durability: 2-4 Years
Chemical Guys Wax (included) or GYEON/Nanolex ceramic coatings (extra)

5. Rejuvenation Detail

The Rejuvenation Detail provides a deeper level of paint correction and GYEON® Q² ONE coating to protect the paintwork up to 12 months included. The ideal choice for customers whose car needs extra care to bring it back to its best or who just want that extra durability. We take the extra time to thoroughly clean and restore your vehicle to its high standards.

Estimated Duration: 20-25 Hrs
Estimated Cost: From Rs 26,000 +VAT
Durability: 3-4 Years
Protection: GYEON ONE Coating

6. Connoisseur Detail

With the Connoisseur Detail, we go the extra mile to examine the paintwork and correct most of the paintwork defects with up to three stages of paintwork correction before applying Nanolex Si3D coating for that extra depth of shine and extra hardwearing protection for 3 years. Full Wheel based protection, exterior plastic cleaned & coated using quartz-based trim coating and steam clean for the interior. 

Estimated Duration: 30-35 Hrs
Estimated Cost: From Rs 42,000 +VAT
Durability: 4-5 Years
Protection: Nanolex Si3D Coating

7. Signature Detail

All of our finest products used in a carefully planned Six Days of Detailing.
Our Signature Details Package comes with up to Six Stages of Paint Correction.
All that is left is for you to personalise your vehicle with your the best Protective Coatings on the Market.

Our award winning Paint Protection Coatings –
Nanolex Si3D HD Coating or GYEON® Duraflex
will guarantee a shine that even 8 years of wear and tear will struggle to fade.

Estimated Duration: 50-75 Hrs
Estimated Cost: From Rs 88,000 +VAT
Durability: 5 - 8 Years
Protection: Nanolex Si3D HD Coating / GYEON® Duraflex
ESTIMATED COST: From MUR 3,000 +VAT From MUR 7,000 +VAT From MUR 12,000 +VAT From MUR 16,000 +VAT From MUR 26,000 +VAT From MUR 42,000 +VAT From MUR 88,000 +VAT
DETAILING PACKAGE: Maintenance Detail Classic
New Car
Rejuvenation Detail Connoisseur Detail Signature
Elite Multi Stage Safe Wash
Elite Multi Stage Plus Safe Wash
Hand washed using Ph neutral shampoo
Wheel arches and door shuts cleaned
Engine bay cleaned & detailed
Hand dried using the Signature safe-dry process
Air dried using purified air supply
Clay bar treatment to remove various contamination
Iron fillings and overspray removed from paintwork & windows
Road tar removal
Level 1 Paint Correction
Level 2 Paint Correction
Level 3 Paint Correction
6-Stage Paint Correction
GYEON® Wetcoat application
Chemical Guys® ButterWet Wax protection Optional Optional
GYEON® Q² ONE coating 12 MUR 4,000 +VAT MUR 4,000 +VAT MUR 4,000 +VAT
GYEON® Q² PURE coating 18 MUR 7,000 +VAT MUR 7,000 +VAT MUR 3,000 +VAT
Nanolex® Si3D coating 36 MUR 8,000 +VAT MUR 8,000 +VAT MUR 4,000 +VAT
Nanolex® Si3D HD coating 60 MUR 13,000 +VAT MUR 13,000 +VAT MUR 9,000 +VAT MUR 5,000 +VAT
GYEON® Q² DURAFLEX coating 60 MUR 14,000 +VAT MUR 14,000 +VAT MUR 10,000 +VAT MUR 6,000 +VAT Optional
Glass Cleaned inside and out
Water repellant Treatment to exterior glass
Brake Caliper Protection
Wheel Polish
Tyres Conditioned and Protected with Special Tyre Preserve
Tyres coated with High Endurance SIO2 Tyre Sealant MUR 4,000 +VAT MUR 4,000 +VAT MUR 4,000 +VAT
Extreme Durability Protective Wheel Coating MUR 3,000 +VAT MUR 3,000 +VAT MUR 3,000 +VAT MUR 3,000 +VAT
Chrome & stainless steel surfaces
Cleaned, Polished & Protected
Cleaned & Protected with vitamin rich conditioner
Cleaned & Coated using quartz-based trim coating MUR 2,500 +VAT MUR 2,500 +VAT MUR 2,500 +VAT
Interior Detailed and Vacuumed
Interior Steam Cleaned MUR 2,500 +VAT MUR 2,500 +VAT
Interior Deep Cleaning
& Sanitisation
Deep Leather Cleaning MUR 5,000 +VAT MUR 5,000 +VAT MUR 5,000 +VAT MUR 5,000 +VAT MUR 5,000 +VAT MUR 5,000 +VAT
Leather Repairs & Restoration Upon Inspection Upon Inspection Upon
Leather & Fabric Protection MUR 7,999 +VAT MUR 7,999 +VAT MUR 7,999 +VAT MUR 7,999 +VAT MUR 7,999 +VAT MUR 7,999 +VAT
Interior Roof Cleaning MUR 3,000 +VAT MUR 3,000 +VAT MUR 3,000 +VAT MUR 3,000 +VAT MUR 3,000 +VAT MUR 3,000 +VAT
Convertible Roof Protection MUR 6,000 +VAT MUR 6,000 +VAT MUR 6,000 +VAT MUR 6,000 +VAT MUR 6,000 +VAT MUR 6,000 +VAT
Under carriage and arches
Cleaned and Protected
MUR 4,000 +VAT

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