Leather Upholstery

Leather Upholstery:

Our Details by Signature brand was built in a large part due to our expertise and success in custom leather upholstery. The finest Italian leather at a bespoke pattern with a wide range of choices allows our clientele unparalleled customisation options for their vehicle.

Your own Style:

It is our very aim to turn your vision into reality, through minor highlights such as coloured stitching or
a completely custom spec built interior.

We provide you with a truly signature service that allows you to personalise your vehicle.

Showroom Partners:

The reliability, quality and constant innovation in the custom leather upholstery business has played an integral role in strengthening our relationship with all major show rooms in Mauritius which we have worked closely with since our humble beginnings in the automative industry.

Unique Patterns:

We love a challenge and unique patterns are a great way of allowing our customer to get something truly unique and bespoke to them often reflecting their individuality and persona.

We also provide options to include important initials, emblems or other important markings into the upholstery.

Standard Leather:

Our Standard Leather is our entry-level option for those looking for a custom luxury leather interior. Our Standard Leather is a corrected grain leather, also known as genuine leather is processed by splitting the natural grain into the required thickness, buffed and embossed to our standard hair cell pattern. Corrected grain leather tends to be tougher in texture due to the fact that it resides under the top layers and is often used in furnitures and table tops.

Price: As from MUR 58,000 +VAT

Premium Leather:

Our Premium Leather is a top-grain leather created by processing the natural grain of a full grain skin. The resulting effect is a flawless finish with no natural scars showing with the leather embossed in the world famous Dakota embossing used by German luxury automotive manufacturer, BMW. Our Premium grade leather offers added durability and its pigmentation gives the leather an attractive look and true leather feel. Most high-end products, such as handbags and jackets, are comprised of top grain leather.


Price: As from MUR 70,000 +VAT

Nappa Leather:

Nappa leather provides a higher degree of luxury and is a higher grade of leather than that of premium or standard leather. A type of soft, full-grain leather, Nappa leather interior exhibits a natural look and feel that is preserved with a specialized finish. With this finish and pigmentation applied, Nappa leather is more durable and distinct than aniline or semi-aniline leathers – perfect for a luxury automobile. Nappa leather can also be embossed to enhance the natural full-grain look or add a brand’s logo.


Price: As from MUR 130,000 +VAT


Alcantara is a microfiber material manufactured and marketed by Alcantara S.p.A., based in Milan, Italy. It is primarily used in industries, including fashion, clothing and jewellery. Despite having similar appearance to suede, Alcantara can endure much harsher environments without spoiling its soft and silky characteristics. This makes it an ideal material to use inside cars – it’ll brush off light scuffs and marks with ease, where other materials may be damaged. Another obvious plus-point is the looks – many performance and high-end cars use this material for its grippy texture and premium appearance.


Price: As from MUR 15,720 +VAT per m2

Customisation Options Available:

Contrast Stitching:

Contrast Stitching is a technique used in upholstery to refer to a stitching colour that directly contrasts with the main fabric. Contrast Stitching is used in certain patterns and linings to produce design details that stand out from the rest of the seat.

Double Stitching:

A Double Stitching is a design technique used to enhance the overall look and feel of an automotive seat by allowing the bulk from the seam allowance to be distributed more evenly, providing an even smoother finish.


A two-tone colour option provides the customer with the ability to explore a wide variety of design options with two colours of their choice. This option truly gives the interior of the car a special and custom made look.

Perforated leather :

Leather perforation is the act of cutting holes into the surface at regular intervals. Perforations are almost exclusively used for exclusive vehicle upholstery to enhance the air permeability of the leather in order to reduce sweating in the contact area. This customisation options is often used to give the interior a sportier look.

Embroidery & Embossing:

This customisation option offers the customer with the ultimate personalisation option. This allows for names, numbers, logos, initials etc. to be forever embedded into the fabric.


Seat piping has been used by classic and modern car trimmers to give seats structure and definition as well as an elegant design feature for many years.

Signature stitching:

Signature stitching includes a wide variety of computerised stitching options such as diamond stitching, cross stitching, hexagonal cross stitching etc. This customisation option adds complexity and character the interior of the vehicle. Due to the sheer complexity of the designs, only the most exclusive of vehicles have computerised stitching interiors.

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