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Wrapping has become increasingly popular in the automative scene over the past decade.
It brings all the advantages of a new paint job at a fraction of the price.

Allowing owners to experiment and unleash their creativity without fear of ruining the resale value.
In fact the wrap actually protects the original paint job which lies underneath protected from scratches and nicks waiting fresh for the day their owner decides to remove the wrapping.

Details provides full and various partial wraps to their customers supplied from the best around the world and applied by our trained professionals.

1. Gloss Car Wrap

The most popular of all wraps.
Due to its crystal clear shine which makes it look fresh off the production line.
Its simplicity and price makes it a great starting point for those new to wrapping.

The flawless reflection can be altered and tinted in your favourite colour.
The bounds of limitations are only held back by your creativity.

Without the fear of damaging your original paint you can play around with ideas till you move onto the next one.

Should you grow tired of your new colour you can always go back to the original paint job or try a more complex colour or wrapping style.

Price: Full Exterior As From MUR 80,000


2. Satin Car Wrap

Satin wraps offer a stunning mix of Gloss & Matte finishes combined to give a result
which culminates in an executive style, perfect for those who are looking for a smarter wrap look.
Its slight sheen is more understated than its glossy counterpart giving it a more professional look overall.

Satin wraps are best paired with darker colours for maximum effect.
More complex mixtures such as the ‘Satin Rising Sun’ in the GTR can be achieved by playing with different colours in the sheen, for more info get in touch with our team.

Price: Full Exterior As From MUR 80,000


3. Matte Car Wrap

Matte paint jobs have traditionally been very expensive and require a lot of maintenance to protect.
With a Matte Car Wrap these once difficult to obtain looks becomes more accessible to customers.

The matte finish on your car will really impress those who get a a closer look at your vehicle as they appreciate the intricate and subtle difference separating you from the rest of the crowd.
The only choice you have left to make is if you are going to go for the classic matte black or experiment with some more risky alternatives.

Price: Full Exterior As From MUR 80,000


4. Chrome Car Wrap

Commonly regarded as the ultimate finish, chrome finishes are achieved through a lengthy process of electro plating which is not only bad for the environment but extremely expensive.

Typically chrome finished in the automotive industry is achieved in a 3 layer process which involves electroplating of copper, nickel and chrome. This gives the highest protection and durability available however comes at a steep price.

With a Chrome Car Wrap it is possible to achieve the same flashy look at a fraction of the price. Without the repercussions of a traditional paint job you can feel more at ease to play with riskier tints such as the gold chrome knowing that you can remove the wrap from your vehicle at any point in time.

Price: Full Exterior As From MUR 165,000


3M Customizer

The 3M Customizer lets you get a taste into what possible combinations will look good on different types of cars.

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3M Daringly Different

Do not limit yourself, try bold new designs that really draw attention. Do not limit yourself and your creativity by their catalogue these are just a few ideas of what 3M can do for vehicle wraps.

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Avery Dennison:

Combining performance, versatility and convenience, these multi-layered films incorporate color and clear protective layers. They provide a smooth, attention grabbing finish that’s both durable and dazzling.

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Supreme Wrapping Films Colour Card 2018

– Outstanding durability and performance
– Conformable around curves and recesses
– Provides colored film and protective layer in one-piece construction
– Nearly 100 finish and colour combinations
– Patented Easy Apply RSTM technology

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